14-Day Thailand Eco-Adventure Tour
Tour Code: ODY-TH-016

Discover the heart of Thailand on this 14-day tour, connecting with Asian elephants and immersing in Thai culture.
Begin in Bangkok at the Grand Palace, cross the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, and explore Ayutthaya and Sukhothai's UNESCO sites.

Experience local life in Chiang Rai's Long Neck Karen Village and interact with elephants at Chiang Mai's Baan Chang Elephant Park. Conclude in the idyllic holiday destination of Phuket.

  • Cultural Gems: Explore the iconic Grand Palace, a masterpiece of Thai craftsmanship with dazzling architecture and vibrant murals.
  • War-Related Sites: Journey into Kanchanaburi, uncovering poignant stories at the Hellfire Pass Museum and walking the historic Death Railway trail.
  • Elephant Fun: Explore the forest alongside the elephants and participate in the delightful experience of bathing them in refreshing waters in Baan Chang Elephant Park.
  • Beach Relaxation: Enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, tranquil water and Island-Hopping activities in Phuket.
  • Private & Customizable: This flexible itinerary can be tailored to your interests and pace, ensuring you a perfect fit for your dream tour.

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Day 1Welcome to Bangkok
Greetings in the Land of Smiles! Thailand's allure extends beyond its enchanting beaches. As you touch down in Bangkok, envision a personal guide welcoming you with a radiant smile. Let them whisk you to your hotel for a seamless check-in experience.
Day 2Unveiling Bangkok's Charm

Today, embark on a classic sightseeing tour to unravel Bangkok's mysteries. Begin at the Grand Palace, a majestic complex once home to Thai royalty. Witness dazzling architecture, intricate roof lines, and vibrant murals showcasing Thai craftsmanship.

Next, a long-tailed boat cruise along Chao Phraya River reveals hidden historical gems. Sail into traditional neighborhoods, exchanging waves with locals in their carved Thai houses. Before nightfall, step into Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn, a picturesque landmark along the river.

Day 3Journey to Kanchanaburi's WWII Sites

Begin your exploration at the Hellfire Pass Museum, narrating the poignant stories of prisoners of war and laborers. Forced to cut through the mountain using primitive tools to construct the Death Railway, their struggles come to life. Walk along the trail, gaining a firsthand sense of the challenges faced by these individuals.

Following lunch, proceed to Krasae Cave, featuring a wooden railway bridge with panoramic views of the Kwai River. Continue to Kanchanaburi Town, where you'll cross the iconic Bridge over the River Kwai and enjoy a boat ride on the Kwai River.

Conclude your day with a visit to Don Rak War Cemetery, honoring those who lost their lives during the construction of the 'Death Railway' in World War II.

Day 4Ayutthaya's Historical Wonders

Today, after breakfast, you'll visit the historic city of Ayutthaya, established in 1350 as the second Siamese capital. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ayutthaya was once a global center of diplomacy and commerce. Explore key attractions like Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, and the famous Wat Mahathat with its iconic stone Buddha's face in a Banyan tree's roots.
Despite its 18th-century destruction by the Burmese, the remaining prang and grand monasteries offer a glimpse into its past grandeur.

En route to Ayutthaya, stop at the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, a retreat for Thai kings since the 17th century, showcasing a mix of architectural styles.

Day 5Ayutthaya to Sukhothai via Lopburi

Today, begin by visiting Wat Phutthaisawan, a temple that survived the Burmese-Siamese War and is still home to monks. Admire its large reclining Buddha and unique Sukhothai Buddha statues.

Next, head north to Lopburi to see the 13th-century Phra Prang Sam Yot, also known as the Monkey Temple, where playful long-tailed macaques roam. Be mindful of your belongings around the monkeys.

Finally, drive to Sukhothai and check into your hotel for a restful evening."

Day 6Exploring Sukhothai's Rich Heritage

Discover the cultural treasures of Thailand at the UNESCO-listed Sukhothai Historical Park, a highlight along with Ayutthaya. Explore the remnants of the royal palace and numerous temple ruins within the old walls, covering 29,000 acres, to learn about the Sukhothai Kingdom, often called "the first Thai kingdom."

Continue 55 km north to the lesser-known Sri Satchanalai Historical Park, offering a more intimate experience with stunning views of the ruins without the crowds. Afterward, transfer to Lampang for an overnight stay

Day 7Lampang's Lanna Kingdom Charms

Discover the heritage of the Lanna Kingdom in Lampang, known for its preserved Lanna-style buildings from the 13th to 18th centuries. Before heading to Chiang Rai, visit three notable sites to explore Lanna culture.

Start with Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, a stunning wooden Lanna temple and one of Northern Thailand's most beautiful. Then, explore Baan Sao Nuk's Lanna-Burmese wooden houses, showcasing regional artifacts.

Conclude your journey at Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao, Lampang's main Buddhist temple, featuring a mix of Lanna, Shan, and Burmese architectural styles.

Chiang Rai
Day 8Explore the Enchanting Charms of Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, a hidden gem with Lanna characteristics, is often overshadowed by Chiang Mai. It's known for its unique cultures and the famous Golden Triangle, where the Mekong River separates Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.

Today, visit the Mae Sai Border for a glimpse into Myanmar (additional migration fee applies) and stand atop the Golden Triangle, observing the Mekong River's division of Myanmar and Laos.

Explore the Long Neck Karen Village, where women wear ornate rings around their necks, and admire the White Temple's blend of traditional Thai elements and modern design. Afterward, transfer to Chiang Mai for the night

Chiang Mai
Day 9Experience Lanna Flavors and Cultural Insight

Discover the distinct taste of northern Thai cuisine, known as Lanna food, with its unique blend of salty and sour flavors. Venture to the outskirts of Chiang Mai for an immersive visit to a Lanna family. Your gracious host will share family history, showcase their home and photos, and provide insights into local traditions.

Explore their bountiful garden, featuring fresh vegetables and herbs used in authentic Northern Thai cooking. Engage in a hands-on cooking session, creating flavorful dishes. Culminate the experience with a delightful lunch, sharing your culinary creations with the welcoming family.

End of the day with a visit to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, perched on a hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Chiang Mai city.

Chiang Mai
Day 10Elephant Encounter in Chiang Mai

Spend an unforgettable day with gentle giants at Baan Chang Elephant Park. Join a small, intimate group for a visit to Baan Chang Elephant Park, where you'll forge connections with these majestic beings.

Immerse yourself in various heartwarming activities within the park. Gain insights into elephant behavior and general knowledge, prepare nutritious meals filled with vitamins to feed them, accompany them through the forest, and join in the joyous experience of bathing these gentle giants in the refreshing waters.

Chiang Mai
Day 11Fly to Phuket, Beach Bliss Begins
After a mainland adventure, pack your bags and take a flight to Phuket, a renowned beach destination that promises an idyllic getaway. From stunning beaches and diverse water activities to delightful dining and lively nightlife, Phuket offers everything you desire for an unforgettable island holiday.
Day 12Phuket Tranquility
Embrace two days of leisure to uncover the treasures of this enchanting island at your leisure. You may consider escaping the hustle of Phuket by going on a day trip to nearby islands.
The hotel offers an island-hopping tour, allowing you to revel in stunning seascapes, snorkel alongside vibrant marine life, relish a picnic lunch on a secluded beach, and bask in the sun on the deck amidst crystal-clear waters.
Day 13Leisure in Paradise
Your second day in the tropical paradise of Phuket unfolds at your leisure. Whether it's more beach exploration, thrilling water activities, or a lazy day of relaxation, relish the freedom to create your perfect island experience.
Day 14Phuket Farewell
Bid a fond farewell to sunny Phuket. Soar back to Bangkok for your international departure, carrying cherished memories of Thailand's warmth and wonders.

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