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Client Story: How TAS Supported a 65-Day Global Adventure

Planning big trips around the world can be tough for travel advisors. It's hard to make everything perfect for clients who want to visit many countries. But that's where TAS, a trusted global Destination Management Company (DMC), comes in. Let's see how TAS helped Josey, a travel advisor from Australia, plan a 65-day trip for her client.

"TAS made planning my client's world trip easy and successful. Working with Kyle was great. He knows a lot and is very organized. I'll definitely use TAS again for future trips. I highly recommend them. Thank you." — Josey, a travel advisor from Australia

I have many loyal clients in Australia. One of them wanted a special 2-month trip for their anniversary, visiting Japan, Thailand, Nepal, and India. I knew I needed extra help. While I have good partners in Europe, I didn't know as much about Asian countries.

Planning a 60-day trip around the world is a big task. You need to know a lot about each country, have good connections with local businesses, and make sure the trip fits what the customer wants.

TAS Clients in Thailand Clients in Thailand

I asked my network for advice and talked to three different DMCs, including TAS. TAS is a member of Virtuoso. Kyle from TAS got back to me quickly. He had all the right answers, giving me a detailed plan and expert tips for a trip through many countries. Kyle's quick response and one-stop-shop approach made me feel at ease.

After more than 3 months of talking through hundreds of emails, messages, and calls, Kyle always answered my questions on time, even though we had a 3-hour time difference. In the end, my client paid for a 65-day trip through seven countries: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Nepal. We were all excited about the adventure!

Agra Taj Mahal in India The Taj Mahal in India

The next challenge was making sure everything went smoothly in each country and that my clients had great guides. TAS's ground service was amazing. They arranged experienced guides, drivers, and comfortable vehicles in each place. 
Kyle helped check all the details, like bookings and guides' information, and fixed any problems that came up. The best part for me was that TAS provided all services with my brand on them.

My client loved the trip, especially the guide in Japan:
"Our guide in Japan, Ms. Eman, was a gem. She was kind, friendly, and passionate about Japan's history. We had no trouble traveling through the country. The hotels were nice, the food was delicious, the vehicles were spacious and air-conditioned, and the people were kind and welcoming. Thank you, Josey, for giving us such a wonderful experience."

TAS success story - global travel clients  Clients were hiking in Kumano Kodo,Japan

This trip was the longest I've ever planned and a big achievement for my travel business. The success has made me confident to take on more global travel requests and expand my business to Asia. With Kyle's organization, knowledge, and quick response, TAS is now my top choice for future projects.

Olivia Madison
Olivia Madison
Meet Olivia, a seasoned travel expert with 10 years of experience crafting unforgettable journeys. Her passion for exploration and meticulous planning ensures seamless, personalized itineraries tailored to your unique preferences. Trust Olivia to guide you through the world's most enchanting destinations, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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