Welcome to TAS Australia DMC service! Our services include bespoke itinerary planning, accommodation arrangements, transportation solutions, guided tours, and exclusive access to local attractions. Trust us to be your reliable partner in Australia, delivering exceptional experiences with our local knowledge and commitment to excellence.
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Experience the magic from the iconic Sydney Opera House to the mystical Uluru at sunset. Each tour is designed to showcase the best of Australia's diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures, promising moments that will stay with you forever.



  • What is the best time to visit Australia?
    The best time to visit Australia depends on the region you're traveling to. For the southern parts, including Sydney and Melbourne, the peak season is during the summer months of December to February. For the northern regions like the Great Barrier Reef, the ideal time is during the dry season from May to October.
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Australia?
    Yes, most travelers need a visa to enter Australia. Tourists can typically apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an eVisitor visa online.
  • What are the must-visit attractions in Australia?
    Australia is home to many iconic attractions, including the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock), the Great Ocean Road, and the Daintree Rainforest. Each offers a unique experience, from cultural landmarks to natural wonders
  • What services does TAS Australia DMC provide for travel agents?
    TAS Australia DMC specializes in offering comprehensive ground services for travel agents, including itinerary planning, accommodation bookings, transportation arrangements, guided tours, and unique local experiences. We ensure a seamless and memorable travel experience for your clients in Australia.
  • Can TAS Australia DMC assist with special requests or custom tours for clients?
    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to accommodate special requests and custom tours. Whether your clients have specific interests or preferences, our dedicated team will work closely with you to design a bespoke itinerary that exceeds their expectations.

Why Choose TAS

Why Choose TAS
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